I am not going to be giving you the next big “secret” to losing 10-100 pounds. This article will not give you the latest workout fad to help you get past your “plateau.” Those goals are all well and fine, and are valuable goals to have for those individuals who have trained their body to do such things. I wanted to give you some things to think about in regards to your body. This is an important conversation at Muscle Activation Fitness. We want the second half of your life to be just as great as the first half!

How do you define health and fitness? Most people think of someone who can run 5k, 10k, or a marathon. Others think of how much they weigh, or how much body fat they have. Some of us crazy people think it is how much you can bench press! I have so many people who list their goals to me as, “I just want to be healthy/fit.” I often have to follow up this statement with, “How do you define healthy/fit”? The goal I most often hear is that they want to lose weight or to be able to do some sort of “race” one day.

Dictionary.com defines health as “soundness of body or mind; freedom of disease or ailment.” That sounds a little underwhelming, doesn’t it? I find it funny that the tool people use to get healthy or fit often makes them have a disease or ailment. I have met so many people that have become injured or now have orthopedic diseases because they were trying to get healthy and fit.

I believe this is because we have lost sight of what truly makes us “healthy.” The fitness industry has lead us to believe that harder is better, and that no pain, no gain. The world around us has made health and fitness more like competing in sports than it is really about being healthy. We need to be challenging our body to what it is currently capable of, and slowly progressing or challenging our bodies to move in a different direction. Instead, we are jumping head first into activities that are not nudging the needle, but obliterating the needle.

The truth is, that the actual workout you do in the gym, box, pool, or track etc. has a lot less of an impact on how you look than you think. If we looked at how many hours most people spend working out, compared to all of the other hours of their week/lives, we would see how small of an impact that can have. The most overlooked and yet, possibly more important, aspect of becoming healthy comes from the time not doing the activity of our choice. We need to make better choices when it comes to our nutrition, sleep, family/friends, and rest/recovery! This type of mindset will allow us to be healthy and independent for a larger part of our lives.

So, I challenge all of us to re-define how we become healthy or fit! Exercise needs to be appropriate and specific to the capabilities of the individual rather than a competition of how many PRs (personal records) we can break, or beat the person next to you. Exercise for your body to become a better body, rather than better than the person next to you. We need to eat healthy as often as we can. Sleep more and enjoy family and friends that build us up rather than drag us down. Grow in strength and stability for your joints. Eat to live. Feel better, move better, perform better. Contact Muscle Activation Fitness in Plano to learn more.