Welcome to Muscle Activation Fitness. This is our very first blog post and we’re excited to get started with our readers! The muscle activation technique is becoming a world-wide term that’s revolutionary, scientific and an objective approach to correct your body’s muscular limitations and imbalances. Through the practice of our muscle activation technique, you can enhance your body’s mobility and range of motion, as well as increase the stability of your joints.

Is MAT invasive?

Muscle activation technique, also known as MAT, is a non-invasive technique designed to help athletes and everyday average Joe’s achieve a betterment of life by jump-starting their muscles to achieve maximum results. Whether you’re healing your body from a surgery or injury, or are an athlete that struggles with flexibility or range of motion, our MAT may be the most beneficial avenue to include in your everyday fitness regimen.

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We didn’t make MAT up; it’s scientifically proven to work!

Did you know that the muscle activation technique is proven to work wonders on muscles? While you work with our trainers to correct your imbalances in your body, you will also be strengthening and increasing your ability to move correctly. The first thing we’ll do when you make an appointment with our personal trainers is assess your muscles and movement patterns. Doing this will allow our trainers to properly provide you with the corrective exercises and therapies needed to enhance your day-to-day life on and off the field.

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