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Are you trying to get over that plateau? Have you been struggling with aches and pains that just don’t seem to go away? Are you looking for a way to try and regain your quality of life? Well, I wanted to let you know about a new tissue technique that may be the missing link to helping you reach your wellness goals.

Five years ago at Muscle Activation Fitness, Glenn Haugk, was invited to take part in the very first internship of the advanced MAT program called MATRx! The MATRx program was a very intensive, four year internship that Glenn completed in December 2015. Glenn is now one of 53 practitioners in the country to hold the title of MATRx whole body certification as well as only 1 of 2 in the state of Texas. Jake Harden was just invited into the FOURTH Rx internship that will start later this year!

How is MATRx different from MAT?

MATRx takes the principles from the very effective MAT program and enhances the outcomes by trying to raise the tolerance of a person’s muscular system. MATRx was developed to increase the amount of stress the muscular system can tolerate and fills the void of where traditional MAT may not be able to create.

How does MATRx compliment my Muscle Activation Fitness Program?

Muscle Activation Fitness trainer’s programs are designed to help restore muscular balance to your body, improve flexibility, and increase overall strength, performance, and health. MATRx is designed to speed up the time it takes for some of these adaptations to occur. The people that respond the best to MATRx are those that are taking place in regular specific exercise with a personal trainer or a Muscle Activation Fitness science based resistance training program.

How will MATRx help improve my exercise or sports performance?

When we are exercising or play sports, we are putting our muscles under stress. The amount of stress we can tolerate will determine how hard we can push ourselves or perform the technical skills required. MATRx increases the amount of stress the muscles can tolerate to allow you to push yourself harder without creating negative compensations or altering how you perform your sport. MATRx also helps the recovery process, which allows our body to recover faster and get back to training.

How can MATRx help me return to my quality of life?

Often times, due to stress, trauma and overuse, the muscular system begins to fail. If this failure of the muscular system is not addressed, the body compensates and can create an itis (plantar fasciitis, IT Band pain, back pain, bursitis, etc…). Sometimes these even begin to compound and we have not just one ache and pain, but several aches and pains that are all related. MATRx systematically progresses through the whole body to stop the negative compensation process and restore the body to its optimal functioning by improving the muscular systems stress tolerance.

How does MATRx work if I’m already seeing results with traditional MAT?

MATRx is a great adjunct to someone who is currently receiving MAT and works well with MAT as it will just enhance the results of what you have been seeing with your MAT specialist as well as work on other nagging areas that seem to just not be able to get lasting results.

Here are some testimonials of people that have tried the MATRx process and found amazing results:

“I just wanted to give another “Big Thank You!” to Glenn Haugk for helping me with my heel pain and plantar fasciitis! MATRx has been the only thing that has made my foot feel like a brand new foot. Some of you know that I’ve had heel pain since October of 2014. The only thing that has really helped was ibuprofen but I did not want to do that on a daily basis. I started meeting with Glenn weekly and through the process of MATRx it has tremendously lessened my pain! Thank you Glenn for helping me with my heel!”

-Paige Cervantes

“When I started MATRx with Glenn, I had debilitating neck pain from an injury, as well as frequent migraine headaches and pain in my hands and forearms. Multiple doctors suggested different types of surgery for my neck; faced with that uncertainty, I looked for another option rather than going under the knife.

After a few weeks of working with Glenn, the hand pain and migraines are gone almost entirely, and after the last 6 months, my neck has improved considerably I am now able to enjoy activities that just 6 months ago I wondered if I would ever be able to do again. As a young person, it is great to have my mobility back and to be back out on the town with friends on Friday night.”

-Benjamin Herrmann

“Last December, I developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot while training for a triathlon. I tried stretching, massage, chiropractic, rolling a lacrosse ball, etc. without luck. My training started slowing down and the pain started spreading up my leg. I started becoming very concerned that I would not be able to participate in the different triathlon and biking events I have planned for this year. It became extremely frustrating.

A friend told me about Muscle Activation Techniques and Glenn. Being out of options, I went to see him. Within a few treatments of MATRx, the pain greatly subsided and in fact, I found I am stronger then before. I track all of my workouts and found that I am putting out more power on my bike without exerting as much effort. The excitement of getting over the plantar fasciitis is one thing, but the added benefit of being a stronger rider and runner was completely unexpected. I am a believer in Glenn and MATRx and I know I will be ready on race day.”

-Michael Simpson

“Jordan was diagnosed, after seeing many doctors, with compressed nerves, in his right shoulder. He was in therapy for four months and his condition never got better and had to deal with pain, and his hand and fingers going numb. He was out of sports during that time, in which he thought, he would never get better. The doctor said we may have to look at the possibly of removing a rib. It wasn’t but a couple of sessions with Glenn doing Muscle Activation Technique, and my grandson Jordan, was getting better. This was absolutely a miracle technique for Jordan. After about a month, we was back participating in sports. He is playing varsity basketball, and going into his junior year, in the fall. He was just put on a watch list for a D1 college. I just want to thank you again, for all you have done.”

-Marc Kapiloff (Jordan’s Grandfather)

“When I first met Glenn I was in constant pain from degenerative discs and many other back related issues. I am a mother of 5 and constantly moving. I have always been very active in outdoor activities however was not able to participate without excessive pain. I had gone to several orthopedists and physical therapists that basically said that pain and possible surgical procedures would just be part of my life. I started Glenn for MATRx and now I have been able to progress even further in my strength and physical abilities!! I wake up almost everyday pain free. I can run and play with my kids, I can travel with my family and know that any excursion we want to take my body can handle it. Thanks to Glenn and the MATRx process I am living a much richer life than I ever thought possible at 50. I am in better shape and physical fit then I was 20 years ago!!”

-Lacey Moore

I am a 64 year old avid golfer. I have struggled the last decade or so with chronic elbow and back pain. I have tried everything from physical therapy to daily pain meds to help cope with the pain. I was told by several doctors that I needed two of my ribs removed, but I refused to go down that route. I started seeing Glenn for MAT a few months ago and within a couple of MAT sessions, the pain was greatly subsided. Glenn suggested we try the MATRx method to addressing my muscular problems and the results have been incredible! I am able to straighten my elbows without shaking and my back does not bother me at all. I am now able to play as much golf as I want and I am playing better than I have played in 20 years!

-Dale Ballard

If you would like to see how MATRx can benefit you, please contact member experience to set up an appointment to meet with Glenn!

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