I came across an article this past week that has gotten a lot of positive responses and wanted to share the perspective with all you as well.

The Muscle Activation Fitness team hears so many goals, most of which center around aesthetics and short-term goals. What I mean by short-term goals are that people want to exercise to look better now, or just months from now. There might have been a handful of people who have come to us and asked us to make them healthy and have as high quality of life 20-30 years from now as their primary goal.

Is exercise only good for us to look better? After reading this article, I believe that the majority of us think of exercise just as that: to look on the outside as good as possible. That perspective of exercise causes so many people to start a routine and quit because the goals are not being met fast enough, or to reach their goals and then return to the place that they were.

I believe that so many of us are led astray to this type of thinking because of the fitness magazines and weight loss shows on TV. Both of these outlets are trying to sell the next quickest thing to get you “ripped” and “sexy.” Those magazines show men and women who look flawless and say that is how we need to look. The thing the magazines don’t tell you is how most of these “models” are just days away from a competition which includes severe calorie restrictions and months/years of training to get them to look flawless for that day/week in time! If they came back just 1-2 weeks later, they would not look anywhere near as flawless as they did. This is because the demands and restrictions to maintain that flawless look are nearly impossible.

What about having a goal that encompasses not only how you look now, but also how you feel and function (independence and quality of life) years and decades from now? What about that is so unattractive? I believe we have been conditioned with results now for so long, that it will take some time of telling ourselves that it is more important than just our short-term goals.

I feel that the article explains it in a way that is much better than I can at the moment. The article is talking mainly to women, but I believe that it talks to both men and women because all of us need to readjust our focus of why we are wanting to exercise.

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