1. Consistency is Key to Health and Wellness

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  2. Is Stretching Good for Me?

    You’ve all seen it, most of you have done it. Many of you have been told to do it. We see it all the time at Willow Bend Fitness Club. It's called stretching. The question is: Is it good for you? Be…Read More

  3. M.A.T. & A.R.T.

    At Muscle Activation Fitness, we know there are so many techniques out there that claim to “Fix” every person’s problems. There is acupuncture, reflexology, massage, and thousands more that most…Read More

  4. The Wonder Drug for Long Life

    If I told you I had a less expensive and non-invasive way to help combat arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory illnesses, and mortality compared to the cost and side effects of presc…Read More