When you have ambitious fitness dreams, you need an ambitious program to match. Your fitness program should use real science to create a personalized way to reach your goals, taking into consideration what you need as an individual. At Muscle Activation Fitness, we are dedicated to providing this type of unique and effective method for reaching your goals. Specifically, we use the muscle activation technique (MAT) to address any limitations on your muscles. MAT can help you with a wide variety of your goals, whether you are looking to improve your range of motion, decrease risk of injury, or become stronger. MAT is steadily growing in popularity as more and more people see the results they want from this program. However, many people remain in the dark about this incredible method. That is why we have put together this comprehensive guide to muscle activation technique for our clients in Plano. Read on to learn more about this innovative personal training program, and contact us today to get started.

What is MAT?

Muscle activation technique was created based on the idea that human health is dependent on movement, and muscles must be able to efficiently contract in order for the human body to move normally. Decreased range of motion and poor physical performance indicates inefficiency in muscle contraction, which can lead to pain and loss of ability. MAT starts by evaluating the muscle contractions of your body to help you increase their efficiency using the Comparative Assessment . We do this by comparing the range of motion of each side of your body, as these are supposed to be symmetrical.

In the event your muscle movement is asymmetrical, this indicates that there is at least one muscle on that side of the body that is weaker than the others. From there, we can assess which muscle has become less efficient. Once we identify the muscle, we focus on reactivating the muscle through strategic force. Once this has restored the efficiency of the muscle in question, we will use a checks and balances system to ensure that any increase in symmetry or motion are paired with improved muscle contraction.

What are the benefits of MAT?

Increased Strength

When your muscles aren’t properly communicating with your brain, you cannot reach your full potential. One of the main benefits of MAT is that it gives you access to the full ability of your muscles. Let’s say half your muscles aren’t working properly with your brain; this means that you could actually double your strength with MAT! If you want to become stronger, MAT is the perfect program for you.

Better Coordination

You brain prioritizes the strongest muscles in your body, calling upon them to help you move. However, your strongest muscles aren’t necessarily the ones you want guiding you for the cleanest line of movement. When you strengthen the weak muscles in your body through MAT, you are able to perform movements in a quicker and more coordinated way.

Improved Flexibility

When your muscles are inhibited, it limits your range of motion. Many people stretch for years without any improved flexibility because their muscles are too tight. With MAT, we focus on activating the muscles, allowing them to reach their full flexibility.

Lower Risk of Injury

MAT strengthens your weak muscles, leading to better stability. Because your body is stable, it is in a much better position to take stress, leading to a decreased chance of injury. With MAT, you are less likely to be injured during physical activity.

Reduced Pain

If you suffer from muscle pain, it is a good indication that your muscles haven’t been functionally optimally for quite some time. This plus a lack of communication between your brain and muscles, and it’s highly likely that you experience quite a bit of muscle pain. By bettering the communication between your brain and muscles, MAT may be able to reduce pain.