• Decrease body fat
• Increase muscle mass
• Increase flexibility
• Increase balance
• Decrease muscular compensations

• Improve core strength
• Improve cardiovascular health
• Decrease feeling of tightness
• Enhance physical performance
• 100% personal attention during each and every session

Customized Assessment & Exercise to Reach your Goals. Collaborate with us so you feel the best you have ever felt in your life.

At Muscle Activation Fitness, personal training actually means personalized training that is designed based on your body and your needs. Our training is not a standard workout regimen that just anyone can follow. 


Because MAT is more of a science-based approach to personal training than your typical trainer or fitness coach, we pride ourselves on the real, long-term results we are able to help you achieve. Unlike many other forms of personal training, we believe that we are able to take a closer and more detailed look at how your body moves to your leverage strengths and improve your weaknesses- true sports training!

From rehabilitation and sports performance training to body sculpting, our many techniques are designed to kick your body into gear and help you achieve what you thought was never possible. Designed to work with your body, MAT is a unique exercise plan that is customized specifically for you.