I wake up almost everyday pain free.*

Lacey visited Muscle Activation Fitness and met with Glenn.

“When I first met Glenn I was in constant pain from degenerative discs and many other back related issues. I am a mother of 5 and constantly moving. I have always been very active in out door activities however was not able to participate without excessive pain. I had gone to several orthopedists and physical therapists that basically said that pain and possible surgical procedures would just be part of my life. I started Glenn for MAT and now I have been able to progress even further in my strength and physical abilities!! I wake up almost everyday pain free. I can run and play with my kids, I can travel with my family and know that any excursion we want to take my body can handle it. Thanks to Glenn and the MAT process I am living a much richer life than I ever thought possible at 50. I am in better shape and physical fit then I was 20 years ago!!”

Lacey Moore - *There is no guarantee of specific results & the results can vary.